• Apr 2017

    Independent Expert for AEMC on 5-minute settlement rule change proposal
  • Jan 2017

    The Edge - 2016 Energy Market Review publicly released
  • May 2016

    GMAT Major Upgrades
  • Feb 2016

    New Gas Market Reports Available
  • January 2016

    APLNG - First LNG Export
  • December 2015

    QCLNG - 5 million tonnes of LNG Exports


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Energy Markets

Energy Edge brings a wealth of experience in Energy Markets to provide a competitive advantage to your trading, commercial and risk management operations. The Energy Edge team offers consultancy under an Australian Financial Services Licence to deliver trading advice, to manage projects or as embedded team members in supporting your business requirements. The team brings a practical, hands-on approach to delivering solutions from a knowledge base covering energy industry standards, market trading issues, quantitative analytics and information technology.


The Energy Edge team has over 50 years of combined experience in trading (Front Office), Middle Office and Back Office roles across energy, environmental products and a range of other commodity and financial markets. As a result, Energy Edge can provide advice or resources for the full range of trading and risk management activities undertaken by different organisations.

The following are examples of some specific areas Energy Edge can assist its clients.
  • New investment or divestment analysis
  • Portfolio analysis and optimization
  • Due diligence for asset and contract portfolios
  • Board presentations
  • Best Practice reviews and performance benchmarking
  • Financial product development
  • Market reviews, strategy development and trend analysis
  • Enhancement of managerial and risk reports

Client Services

Energy Edge offers commercial services to support Energy Trading activities. The business operates under an Australian Financial Services Licence.

If you seek to engage an external organization to conduct the following client services, then contact Energy Edge to discuss solutions:
  • Energy contract settlements
  • Energy market compliance obligations
  • Ongoing energy market position monitoring and reporting
  • Ongoing management of structured contracts

Case Study - STTM Gas Market Project Management

Energy Edge worked with a client to assist in preparing their organisation for the transition to the STTM gas trading market. Over a short period, Energy Edge project-managed a team incorporating the client's own resources to ready the organisation across all divisions. The Energy Edge resources engaged the business and were able to leverage their deep understanding of energy markets to deliver a successful project. The project spanned energy trading with impacts in the gas and electricity markets, information technology, finance and settlements.

As part of the STTM readiness, Energy Edge provided its client with a Server and Database solution. View the Information Sheet for Energy Edge’s STTM Data Service solution.

Case Study - Greenfield Trading Capabilities

Energy Edge was engaged by a new entrant to the energy trading sector to build up energy trading capabilities to an advanced level of participation. Energy Edge led the client through the process to participate in the AEMO spot market, and derivative markets for electricity and environmental products. We were involved with installing software and systems to enable electricity spot and derivative trading, settlements and risk management. Energy Edge assisted the client in the acquisition of an Australian Financial Services Licence for dealing and advice. The project spanned across the company with exposures in upstream and downstream gas and electricity trading in the NEM.