A moment matching approach to the valuation of a volume weighted average price option.

A.W. Stace

International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (10), pp 95-110, 2007


In this paper we develop a method to find the price of several options whose payoff depends on a volume weighted average price (VWAP). Fixed and floating strike VWAP, together with digital VWAP contracts are considered. Throughout we assume that the stock follows a geometric Brownian motion and the rate of trades evolves as a mean reverting process. It is assumed that the VWAP at the final time has a lognormal distribution. The parameters of the approximating lognormal distribution are obtained by matching the first two moments of the volume weighted average price with a lognormal process. A price is then obtained for the fixed strike and digital options when the market price of risk is a constant. We concentrate on the price for calls, prices for puts can be obtained in an analogous manner.

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