Bryan Lee
Risk and Analytics Consultant

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons Chemical and Environmental)

  • Graduate energy market analyst

Specialises in:

  • Market Analytics
  • Financial Modelling
  • System Development

Bryan expands the modelling capabilities and academic rigour of the Energy Edge team by bringing a new mindset to the team.

Bryan’s study resulted in several awards for academic excellence, included winning first prize in the UQ Student Energy Network Consulting Program. This program considered global energy trends, the development and effective presentation of a robust energy strategy and effective presentation for the future of the Australian energy sector. Throughout his study, Bryan taught several chemical and environmental engineering courses and undertook internships with ExxonMobil and UQ Ventures.

Bryan has recently joined Energy Edge and has shown rapid acceleration of his understanding of the Australian energy markets through improvements to Energy Edge’s Gas Market Analysis Tool and Electricity Forecasting System.


Joshua Stabler
Managing Director

Nick Denman
Director Risk and Analytics

Allan Ford
Director Commercial Advisory

Angus MacLeod
General Manager/Founder

Dr Elliot Tonkes
Risk and Technical Consultant

Tim Dutton
Director Trading and

Dr Daryl Kempthorne
Risk and Analytics Consultant

Alexy Shelest
Senior Front End Developer

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