Developing your Risk Appetite Statement

By Joshua Stabler – Energy Edge Managing Director
The Risk Appetite Statement is a critical document to communicate between a business’s board and executive team.
It is normal for a board to have a wide range of industry background and experience to bring a breadth of capability. Therefore, how does a board set their appetite independently of the executive?
Why use Energy Edge?
  • We are fearlessly independent.
  • We bring 15 years experience in helping energy trading businesses develop their trading capability.
  • We have our own energy markets training program (the Australian Energy Market Masterclass) to rapidly bring the relevant skills of the board up to speed.
  • We have our own risk management systems to bring our own independent approach to assess risk.
How does it help?

A board that understand their risks are more about to articulate their expectations to the executive.

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CATEGORY: Compliance and Regulation


JUNE 2021

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