The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jul – Sep 2021)

Q3 2021 The Edge – Energy Market Reports topics

Energy Edge has recently published The Edge – Energy Market reports.

5 July 2021 Edge Report (Subscriber Link)

  • An update on the units affected by the Callide C and Latrobe Flooding events.
  • Wrap-up and review of the electricity market price outcomes in Q2-2021 and at end of financial year.
  • Victorian gas market update and affect of the recent volatile movements in the Queensland and NSW markets.

14 July 2021 Edge Report (Subscriber Link)

  • Deep dive into the current Victorian gas market conditions, how we got here, and what is around the corner.
  • Analysis of the average spot prices for South Australia based on wind, natural gas and solar dispatch.

28 July 2021 Edge Report (Subscriber Link)

  • With a month of winter to go, analysis of the state of the market; the good and the bad news.

19 August 2021 Edge Report (Subscriber Link)

  • Update on the state of the domestic gas market, with a focus on Iona and Longford.
  • Look at the International vs Domestic Spread, JKM forward curves in northern summer and winter, and Curtis Island LNG exports.
  • Analysis of current gas markets conditions and the key points of interest.

6 September 2021 Edge Report (Subscriber Link)

  • Springtime in the Energy Markets – Solar vs Coal, Curtis Island capacities and Longford ramping down.
  • Look at the state of the international market, and the gap between the domestic market.

21 September 2021 Edge Report (Subscriber Link)

  • Rise of the international JKM market price and the subsequent response from both the domestic and international markets.
  • How the transition to a low carbon electricity market drives the spot market.

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