Our extensive and senior level experience in the commodity and finance markets means Energy Edge can provide the insights and edge necessary to gain a competitive advantage in energy/commodity risk management, commercial or treasury related business projects. Energy Edge provides direct advisory services, project lead work or can act as an embedded team member to support you to meet your organisational business requirements.

Energy Edge portfolio of projects include:

  • Gap Analysis and benchmarking of multi-energy and environmental commodity portfolio optimisation strategies, risk and trading capabilities and delivery of detailed implementation plans.
  • Development of alternative sales/trading strategies for greenfield and existing wind and solar projects.
  • Market analysis and multi-commodity price forecasting including Australian electricity, gas, carbon and other environmental markets.
  • Analytical and market advice for commercialisation strategies and feasibility studies on gas and gas generation projects.
  • Development of portfolio optimisation strategies to assist maximising value in the physical-optionality across portfolios and cross-commodity correlations.
  • Development of gas-optimisation strategies, systems and processes for upstream and downstream gas and electricity portfolios.
  • Valuation, earnings at risk and cashflow at risk analysis of alternative LNG contract structures and domestic gas commercial strategies.

Energy Edge has provided consultancy and advisory services to both well-established market participants
and to potential new participants and investors from abroad.


The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Apr – Jun 2024)

Recent topics: Winter 2024, ACCC, Gas Market Code, Eraring Exit, Longford, Cumulative Price Threshold. LCOE, QSN.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jan – Mar 2024)

Recent topics: JKM Netback. AER. Gas Markets. Mergers. Record Demand. Battery Costs, GSOO.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Oct – Dec 2023)

Recent topics: Summer 2024, Curtis Island LNG, Carbon Emissions.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jul – Sep 2023)

Recent topics: Lazard LCOE Winter 2023, East Coast Gas, Production, Storage.

Energy Edge to appear at 2023 APPEA Conference and Exhibition

Josh Stabler, Managing Director of Energy Edge, will be presenting at the 2023 APPEA Conference and Exhibition, beginning in Adelaide on Monday, May 15th.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Apr – Jun 2023)

Recent topics: ADGSM, GLNG Annual Delivery Plan, GSOO 2023, Iona, Longford.

Energy Edge on Sky News Business Now

Joshua Stabler, Managing Director of Energy Edge, joined Ross Greenwood on Sky News Business Now on 17 April, 2023.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jan – Mar 2023)

Recent topics: ACCC Guidelines. Proposed ADGSM Consultation. Bushfires. La Nina. QCLNG outages. Reasonable Pricing Provisions. ACCC Gas Inquiry Report.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Oct – Dec 2022)

Recent topics: Gas and coal price caps. Consideration and implementation of political intervention. QCLNG and coal outages. AEMO – Gas Supply and System Adequacy Report. Review of historical GSOOs from 2013-2015.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jul – Sep 2022)

Recent topics: Reapproaching CPT. Hunter train floods. Pipeline Limitations. Russian gas slows. Sovereign Risk. Moral Hazard. Information Asymmetry.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Apr – Jun 2022)

Recent topics: Record high electricity and gas market spot price outcomes. LNG response. Market Suspension (and case to remain). ADGSM and Heads of Agreement.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jan – Mar 2022)

Recent topics: South East Queensland floods. War in Ukraine. Covid resurgence in China. Gas Market Update. Christmas period summary.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Oct – Dec 2021)

Recent topics: Increasing Curtis LNG exports. Victorian gas market. International European gas prices lift. Potentail impact of La Niña on Snowy. Christmas 2021 records (LNG High, Carbon Low).

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jul – Sep 2021)

Recent topics: End of Financial Year 2021 Wrap Up. Callide Site Offline. Rising JKM Price. Longford outages impact Victorian Gas Market.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Apr – Jun 2021)

Recent topics: Preparation for Winter 2021. Curtis LNG Maintenance Season. Callide C Event. Site outage. Yallourn flooding event. Braemar 3 MTPASA Updates.

Developing your Risk Appetite Statement

The Risk Appetite Statement is a critical document to articulate the Board’s risk expectations to the executive team. Energy Edge can help you implement it.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Jan – Mar 2021)

Recent topics: Curtis Island Record Exports; International Gas Prices Linkages; Dark Spread Analysis; Iona readies for winter; Texas market volatility.

Using the Electricity Forecast Service (EFS) to manage new Semi-Scheduled rules.

AEMO has new rules for Semi-Scheduled Generators. Energy Edge brings accurate forecast electricity spot prices to help participants make effective decisions.

Orderly Transition: The complex case of residential batteries

While there is an inevitability to the growth of batteries, the path has challenges. Orderly transition is not assured and disorderly transition cost should not be underestimated.

The Edge – Energy Market Reports (Oct – Dec 2020)

Recent topics include:
Renewables deflationary vs constraints and pricing. Curtis Island LNG record exports. APLNG revenue analysis. Review on gas market conditions.

Energy Edge joins the DISER AusTender Panel

Energy Edge joins the Australian Federal Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) Energy Business and Technical Services Panel.

The rise and rise of rooftop solar

Rooftop PV Solar has basically become an Australian obsession with more than 2.6 million individual installations.
However, the rapid rise of solar has also created its own challenges which have severely impacted the recent wholesale price outcomes and potential value of future feed-in tariffs rates.

LNG import terminal impacts understood

Energy Edge led a detailed analysis of the impacts and business opportunities of proposed LNG import terminals.

Market entry strategies delivered

Energy Edge delivered several well researched market entry strategies for a multinational wanting minimal outlay and high-return.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I have engaged Energy Edge for a number of projects ranging from Subject Matter Expert Project Managers through to the design, development and implementation of electricity and gas trading support and risk management software and assisting in the establishment of the energy trading function. I have found the team possess the industry experience, tailored insights and commitment to task completion that resulted in their professional delivery of these projects. I would definitely consider using Energy Edge in future energy trading related projects.

Tanya Mills
General Manager Customer & Energy Markets
CleanCo Queensland

Energy Edge has supported one of our successful energy infrastructure acquisitions by providing significant subject matter expertise into the energy market conditions, and detailed analysis of the behaviour of critical participants. Energy Edge worked seamlessly with our lead investment bank and contributed the key industry knowledge to make sure the acquisition considered all potential value propositions. We have continued to maintain an ongoing strategic relationship and would recommend them to any local or international parties.

James Ward
Investment Director
Palisade Investment Partners

Energy Edge has completed a number of projects for Stanwell including the design, development, implementation and support of At-Risk and Hedge Accounting systems, and have worked within Stanwell as embedded resources while also leading our STTM Readiness Project, our Carbon Readiness Project and our Retail Project. The ease of working with Energy Edge is due to their accumulated knowledge obtained whilst working within energy trading companies themselves. They know the energy markets.

Carl Malouf
General Manager, Quantitative Risk and Analytics
Stanwell Corporation

Energy Edge has provided analytical and risk expertise and system support for InterGen Australia for a number of years. Energy Edge’s ability to work closely with members of the Risk, Trading, IT and broader Finance team in a flexible, long-term collaboration has enabled us to achieve improvements in our processes and a complete re-design and build of the risk systems to support our trading operation. Their skills and knowledge enable them to work closely with our business and I would highly recommend Energy Edge to any party.

Sam Watson-Will
Head of Market Risk
InterGen (Australia) Pty Ltd

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